The Johan Method Towards A Career In Fashion

In Up close and personal on November 16, 2010 at 9:55 pm

My dad is in town. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Johan lecture. It usually revolves around the same theme –

‘Yasmin, what are you planning on doing after you qualify? Are you going to get married? Are you going to continue with tax, be a lawyer?’

I flash him my biggest smile and say, ‘I want to work in fashion, daddy!’



*cricket sound*

My dad is not amused. He then tells me that I can do fashion, but that I should go into law first for a couple of years, you know, to gain some connections. With those connections, I would be able to meet someone who will (not may, but will) give me a fashion-based gig. For sure. Or, better yet, I should finish my CTA qualification, go home to Malaysia, become a tax lawyer (oh he is cunning, my father), gain some connections and then go into fashion.

I’m still considering.

  1. Hi Yasmin! I say: do what you love! I am in a similar situation, and am giving myself another four years before I break free from what I am currently stuck doing, and pursuing what I love. Good luck!

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