Fashion Technology

In Fashion on November 17, 2010 at 7:59 pm

It has become amazingly evident that the Ipad is the sexiest, if not essential, digital fashion accessory to date with major fashion houses creating its own version of Ipad covers to Vogue creating the first ever Ipad app version of a fashion magazine with its December issue. The application promises the exact same content as its paper counterpart but with additional features such as live interviews and fashion clips from international fashion shows. I can totally picture myself at Starbucks, tall skinny latte in one hand and the other flicking through the digital pages. Talk about chic!

Plus I’ve been told by the boyfriend how it’s a great conversation starter. So far, he’s been approached by men and women alike, young and old. I distinctly remember him becoming particularly engrossed with Ipad talk with an elderly woman on the tube. How convenient.

I do find it incredibly bizarre how the actual gadget is often the cheaper part of the package. Owning an Ipad does not necessarily make you fashionable; you gotta get the right skin to go with it first. Chanel’s signature quilted case will set you back $1,555 – better start collecting all those loose change in between the cushion covers. And you thought it was going to be that easy.


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