Fashion Savior?

In Fashion on November 18, 2010 at 7:49 pm

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I’ve never been a fan of maxi skirts until now. How can I not? It is such a versatile piece – it can be dressed up or down, worn day or night and it’s so comfortable. Also a plus:  no longer having to pull your skirt down every time the wind blows, or if you are like me, constantly having to touch your butt to make sure your skirt is not tucked inside your lace knickers. Not that that’s ever happened to me, yet. I’ve always wondered, if you ever saw someone on the street with her skirt in her panties, would you go up to her and inform her or just stare and walk away?

I’ve once seen someone wear tights and a short tshirt (thus it wasn’t long enough to cover her behind) in public, in daylight – which means that you could literally see EVERYTHING; and I wasn’t sure if I should have gone up to her and let her know that she had (obviously) mistaken her tights for leggings. I mean, there could have been a possibility that she did it intentionally, right? I mean, it’s London. There are odd people with ‘eclectic’ fashion sense around here.

Anywhoo, I digress.

I used to think long skirts were only created for the tall and lanky but I’ve come to realised that with the right cut, and most importantly, the right attitude, anyone can pull off this look. Take lessons from Mary Kate and Ashley. It works. And they still look amazing without trying too hard. Love, love, love. Now all I need to do is see my tailor. Or get new heels to go with my new purchase.


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