Convenience Over Fashion

In Up close and personal on November 25, 2010 at 11:32 pm

So today I thought I would put on something cute for work as I was really not in the mood for tax – white collared silk top under black bodysuit with grey pencil skirt falling just above the knees.

But oh my gawd it was freaking freezing today in London. Pencil skirt – big, BIG mistake. Linen scarf – I was training myself for winter. Leather jacket – seriously, Yasmin, you’re not a polar bear. You can barely stand the air conditioning in your car.To keep myself warm I had to consume a LOT of tea. I kept whizzing off to the ladies every 15 minutes. I really should have anticipated this and shouldn’t have chosen such a time consuming outfit to assemble.

I thought I would be able to go home and  change before dinner but it didn’t help that the tube was temporarily suspended, and there was a massive holdup on Oxford Circus so I was pretty much stranded in town, AND I had to pee. Real badly. I ended up seeking refuge at Selfridges (where toilets were easily available) until it was time for dinner.

So there I was, lifting, unbuttoning, pulling down, squatting, followed by standing, pulling up, buttoning and ‘straightening’ my skirt. Imagine doing that 20 times and you are where I am. Tired. As I am typing this I feel the need to go again.

Next time, I’ll just stick to chunky knits and black skinny trousers to work. Less tea, less trips. Fashion is not always a good idea.


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