Will You Have Coffee With Me?

In Fashion on December 1, 2010 at 11:37 pm

How amazing is this shot? Doutzen makes winter and snow look like it’s spring. London is an icebox. I see no signs of spring. We did get a bit of snow. But it wasn’t the least bit romantic as the above, it wasn’t soft and kind with snow flakes lightly tickling your face, more like ‘Arrrggghhh in your face‘ type of snow with gushing wind and flecks of snow flicking at your face.

Suffice to say I won’t be having coffee outside anytime soon.


  1. Hi, I adore your fashion style and was a big fan of 616.. Glad to find u here.. =)

  2. Hi Aishah! Thanks for the comment. Hope to hear from you more often 🙂

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