One, Two, Pull!

In Up close and personal on December 14, 2010 at 10:21 pm

Whenever it’s that time of the month, I look down and blegggh. That pretty much sums up how I feel. Ok, it doesn’t help that I hardly work out nowadays and I keep munching on little bits of chocolate and bread. Yes, I count carbs. Not obsessively though. I’d like to think of myself of mindful – I know enough to know that a night of clubbing does not mean that you can have that plate of indo mee afterwards on the basis that you have been ‘working’ your tush on the dance floor.

Anyways, I now know that it’s never a good idea to try on new clothes when you’re experiencing the bleeggh feeling. Especially JEANS! My new biker babies came in the post today and I tried to try them on. My heart was racing so fast from all that jumping and pulling!

And I barely made it. Now all I have to do is not sit down.

Sigh. No more bread and cheese for you, Yasmin.

Ahhh, bleegghhh.


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