I Have No Words.

In Fashion on December 21, 2010 at 12:09 am

My new love. I am dying to bring her out but I promised myself (and the boyfriend) that I will keep her in until the time is right. This horrible weather is not helping either, there is NO way I am subjecting her to the wrath of London’s winter.  Accckkk!!! I love her so much! This is going to be my summer staple. I can’t wait. I cannot wipe this ridiculous grin off my face.

It took me a long time before deciding on her. I knew I wanted something different. Something that will stand the test of time practically and fashionably speaking. It wasn’t just a matter of picking the right colour. That was a no brainer. It’ll go with my ‘almost neutral’ wardrobe and make everything more pleasing to the eye. The boyfriend preferred the red python. To be fair he likes anything reptile related.

Now, the bag itself. I mean, the most obvious choice for most girls would have been a Chanel. It is very difficult to resist anything Chanel. Even now. I absolutely adore the neutral browns and camels that is showcasing in stores at the moment. I also believe that a Chanel bag is an investment. Literally. It is probably one of the only bags that will never fall in value, rather, it will be worth more when it becomes vintage.

However, I also believe that Celine is the luxury accessories house at present. It is forever classic. It is forever timeless. I love the fact that it is discreet. It doesn’t scream ‘Look at me!’. It will only be appreciated by those who know and love fashion. And that is what I want. Love!

  1. I read this post on my phone, so saw the first picture without the slightest glimpse of the second. And the first thing that ran through my mind was: ‘It cannot be THE bag!’ But it was the bag! I agree with you on the discreet luxury of the bag. I am a little envious though! Have you brought it out to see the world? What are your thoughts on it? It’s an insanely beautiful bag, but I question it’s practicality (could probably just squeeze in a book!)…

    • Hi NZ!

      No, I haven’t released it to the world yet. I promised myself that I will try to keep it that way until a certain event occurs ; ) But trust me, I see myself breaking that promise the more I look at it. It’s currently tucked away from sight.

      And yes, you probably will struggle if you are planning to use the bag to carry your books around! Having said that, the bag is cleverly compartmentalised. You will be able to store your bare necessities i.e. phone, camera, ipod, wallet, makeup, keys etc. Do we really need anything else? hehe.

      And it doubles as a clutch!

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