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In Up close and personal on December 24, 2010 at 4:56 pm

So you know how sometimes when you are on the bus (or any other public location for that matter) and some person comes along with his big ass over-ear headphones with the volume turned up so high that the music is audible to everyone else on the bus? I find that very personal, well, embarrassing as well, because music reflects (to a certain extent) the kind of person you are.

Anyways, so I recently bought Lady Gaga’s heartbeat earphones by Dr Dre (thinking that I can still be fashionable even with technology, right?) because they went on sale at HMV. Tried them on and, oh shyte, the earpieces kept coming off because the triangle bit (i.e. the fashionable bit) is too big for my ears. What the?! Talk about a waste of money!

So I decided to use the boyfriend’s studio headphones by Dr. Dre while I find another replacement and plus the ear cushion doubles as ear muffs. Hmmmm, toasty ears! OMG I had no idea how freaking audible the equipment is because for the last few days, I’ve been one of ‘those’ people with their big ass over ear headphones with music so loud that people probably must think I’m deaf. I discovered this yesterday when I was just about to turn my Ipod off in one of the lifts in my office building and some middle aged guy smiled at me and started shaking his body to the beat (as if to jest). I thought that was a bit odd at first, only to discover that all the while my music has been blasting from my ears! Oh the horror!

You know what’s worst? I’ve been listening to (don’t judge ok?) Korean pop music. Ay yay yay, kill me now please.


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