“Don’t You Want A Birkin Bag?”

In Fashion on January 13, 2011 at 5:44 pm

That was asked of me the other day in the car by the boyfriend’s little brother. He’s twelve. I only heard of the Birkin when I was in university. Anyways, I was a bit taken back with the question.

“Why would I want a Birkin?”

“Because a lot of girls like it.”

Well. I just stopped there. It is true, I suppose, with a certain class of women. The Birkin is the most sought after and expensive bag in fashion history, and for justifiable reasons too. It takes an average of 48 hours to produce a Hermes Birkin. Each is meticulously crafted, the materials used range from simple calf leather to saltwater crocodile skin and conditioned to perfection. The Birkin has no logo on the exterior, yet it is the most recognised bag in the fashion industry. More importantly, any woman carrying a Birkin is associated with status and luxury. And there you have it. The answer.Interpret it however you want it.

What was my answer to the little boy’s question?

“Eh, not a fan.”


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