On A Lazy Tuesday Morning

In OOTD on January 18, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Sometimes when I feel lazy I like to rely on prints to do the styling for me. I’ve been working on-site at a client’s so a boyfriend jacket is a must for me. Female cut suits make me feel like an uptight independent woman. Who wants that?! I for one hate buying work clothes. I feel like they’re a waste of money because I hardly enjoy dressing up for work since people are too busy concentrating on making money (as long as you’re not wearing a T-shirt you can get away with wearing practically anything. Even slippers sometimes!). So I tend to gravitate to pieces that’s borderline casual and formal. Investment worthy piece for any work wear outfit is a belt. I would fork out a lot on belts. I tend to stick to black, brown or neutral pieces with unique buckles. It’ll make it look like you’ve made an effort, no?

  1. I looooove your style! Understated elegance 🙂

  2. I love the shirt! Where is it from? x

  3. I love your shirt! Where is it from? x

    • Hello!
      NZ: I got this ages ago from Zara. But they tend to have similar variations of the same style.
      Lara: Thanks very much for the compliment!

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