Adventures Of Robot Bunny

In Fashion, Out & About on January 20, 2011 at 11:14 pm

Ever since the boyfriend’s been back in London and graduated, he’s bored out of his mind and so finds random things to occupy his time with. Today, he’s ‘discovered’ the wonderful world of Bedazzler. Ok, I lie. He’s been somewhat obsessed with the idea of bedazzling everything and anything he sees ever since our not so recent trip to the Ed Hardy store. He’s just randomly remembered it. He is heavily contemplating purchasing a Bedazzler. He has kindly offered to bedazzle my Tory Burch flats. Ummmm, let’s stick to Converse for now, shall we?

So anyways, we were at Whiteleys in search of his first ‘victim’, I mean, experiment. We do not have a Bedazzler, yet. But if the boyfriend does not find anything else to fill his time with, we will soon be proud owners of one. We came across this:

It is a very cool pop-up store that is currently displaying the artist’s (and friends) animated comic drawings on, mainly, garments. I say mainly because the whole store screams of creativity. On one side of the store you will see the artist’s main comic character hand drawn by the artist himself with a black marker, the store is illuminated with big bulbs of lights with smiley faces on them, there are display counters that features the artist’s comic strips (again, hand drawn) and other bits and pieces of clever arts. We got to talking to the creator, hence artist, of the store and he is such a nice chap. Very young and very talented. He is very passionate about what he does and it’s such a relief to see that money wasn’t big factor in his deciding to do this as he plans to open up a workshop where creative minds such as his can come and meet and share ideas. We adored his personality so much that we ended up buying a couple of badges and a T-shirt.

The boyfriend is already planning on ways in which he can bedazzle the crap out of the badges. I’m going to keep the T-shirt away from him until he’s gotten better at the craft. Daryll and friends will be at Whiteley’s until the end of the month, so pay them a visit if you are in Bayswater!


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