My Cinderella Moment

In Fashion on February 7, 2011 at 10:34 pm

If you could own one dress, an expensive dress, which would it be? Imagine that, for one second right, that you’ve been good, that you’ve dressed so well that you put Kate Moss to shame, that you’ve resisted from impulse buying that your fashion godmother came to pay you a visit.

So your fashion godmother drops by in her fabulous self (in my head she is Phoebe Philo or a slightly more cleaned up version of the Olsen twins (i.e. post grunge phase)) and she says to you,

“Pick a dress, any dress. I’ll bibbidi-bobbidi-boo it for you. Go on now”.

So in all your excitement, what determines your choice of frock?

I’ve thought about it. For a very long time. Do I choose something seasonal or something more classic? Graphic or colour block? A LBD or LWD? Long or short? Sparkly or not? Do I choose something I can wear all day everyday? Can I wear a wedding dress all day? Would I want to wear a wedding dress all day? Hmmmm, only problem with that is, my dry cleaning bill would, no doubt, sky rocket.

Alright, but in all seriousness, let’s talk practically and realistically now, shall we? (sure, realistically. A fashion godmother is very realistic, no?)

Firstly, it doesn’t matter to me that the dress is not current. So I immediately thought of Christopher Kane’s S/S 2010 check collection. I loved everything about it. The irregular cuts, the shades of blue, pinks and browns, the fluidity of the skirts; with that, I’d be channeling the modern pretty milkmaid, without the bucket of milk. The beauty of the dress, to me, is that it is versatile enough to be worn day or night. Which means, mileage.

Secondly, I thought maybe I’d go for something practical and timeless. Lanvin, Celine and Chloe sprang to mind. All usually in neutral shades of camel, creams and ivory or bright bold statement colour blocks. I could probably get away with wearing it on its own for a few different events, (with different sets of audience, of course) before I need to find ways of layering or disguising it with other pieces or wait a couple of seasons before I bring it out into the world again. But the idea of it is to treat it as you would a wedding dress. Worn once and passed down to the next generation.

I did consider choosing an ‘It’ dress such as the Miu Miu’s Fall 2010 flower dress that made headlines in practically every big fashion editorial magazine (Vogue, Elle etc), however, as fabulous as it is, I can’t seem to think of an event worthy of such presence (in KL, at least).

And finally, I thought, why not go totally over the top and magnificent a’la Marchesa’s S/S 2011 collection? I don’t even care which creation. Present me with either the beaded neckline chiffon white mini dress or the black and white organza evening gown. I won’t mind. I would even wear the pink feathered frock – I may look like a baby chicken, but I’d be a pretty and edgy baby chicken.

So which will you choose?

  1. I LOVE this post! Hands down, your best yet!

    I have, for some time, loved the simplicity and clean lines of Osman Yousefzada. There is a dress in particular that I adore, worn by Mischa Barton at the 2009 TV BAFTA. I also love the Erdem print dress that Keira Knightley wore from his Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.

    • You are too kind, NZ. But thank you very much.

      I agree with you on Erdem’s long maxi dress. That dress (well, the whole collection, really) was definitely on my list. I was even so hopeful that I looked up the prices. Sigh, now I’m really waiting for my fashion godmother to grace me with her presence 😦

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