The Beginning Of Something Not So New

In Fashion on February 17, 2011 at 4:22 pm

It’s clear that humans are not the only ones subjected to social pressure to look skinny, it now looks as if our beverages are too! The idea of a ‘skinny can’ is not new – we’ve seen it done on Milo and Nescafe cans, however, no brand has ever specifically linked the ‘skinny can’ concept to fashion before. Until now.

Introducing the new Pepsi Diet skinny can. As the can suggests, the beverage contains zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs (which makes me wonder what in the world is in that drink?!!) without compromising on the original Pepsi taste. The skinny Pepsi made it’s first debut at, no surprise here, the New York Fall Mercedes Fashion Week. It was suggested by PepsiCo’s chief marketing officer that the new look is meant to ‘complement today’s most stylish looks’.


Really? The idea of having a can as an accessory bewilders me. Though it will be interesting to see if this marketing campaign actually picks off and if so, will we begin to see more products being marketed as ‘fashionable’?

The drink is set to go public in March.


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