The ‘Front Row’ Catwalk

In Fashion on February 22, 2011 at 2:10 am

With all the hype that is Fashion Week, every single who’s who in fashion congregate to receive the news that will determine their (and every other fashionistas around the world) season wardrobe and ultimately, spending habits, in the upcoming months. We’re already seeing S/S 2011 trends on the high street – Zara has decided to focus it’s spring summer collection on bright colour blocks, Topshop is channeling summery folk prints, while H&M is reworking denim in a fresh new way.

So it is clear that what designers put down the runway is central, but what’s revolutionary nowadays is that the focus has somewhat shifted to the audience seated on the front row. Thanks to street bloggers like Garance Dore, Scott Schuman, Nam and Tommy Ton, we turn to these fashion maestros to translate runway fashion to real life. Phew! That’s an incredible amount of pressure if you ask me. It’s no wonder fashion editors and whatnot take months to plan their fashion week wardrobe!

I would fail miserably at this. I have too many ‘what if’s. From the simple ‘What if there’s swimming?‘ Even though it’s 3 degrees Celsius in London at the moment so any swimming would have to be in a heated pool and highly unlikely… to ‘What if I bump seats with Kate Middleton and become instant best friends and she invites me to her royal engagement, or worst, her wedding!?’ Nevermind the fact that her wedding is in fact in April and the chances of us having anything in common is close to nil. I would still be tempted to pack along my grandest outfit. Just in case.

I’m actually digressing from what this post if meant to be about. I intended on sharing with you my favourite ‘front row catwalks’ with you this season. As you can see, I’m really feeling Taylor Tomasi Hill this time around. Last year (still is this year), it was Kate Lanphear.

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