The ‘Natalie’

In Up close and personal on February 24, 2011 at 8:16 pm

I forget how stunning she is sometimes. She’s clearly making 2011 her year. She’s everywhere! She’s the swan queen in her latest movie, Black Swan and she’s the new face of Miss Dior Cherie. This is her first beauty campaign; apparently she is very selective about what she puts her name on and I love that about her. She’s even successfully persuaded Dior to supply her with vegan shoes! Now that’s power.

Plus, she’s recently been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in respect of her role in Black Swan. I love her in Black Swan. She’s such a convincing actress. It was reported that she spent a whole year training ballet. Now that’s a crash course! Ouh, I also loved her wardrobe. I thought it was pretty clever how her wardrobe colour palette changed from shades of pinks, white and greys to hints of black as she transformed into the Black Swan. Genius!

Random observation: I don’t know if it’s just her natural facial expression or she’s just channeling a character in a movie. She has this constant frown throughout the movie (as seen below).. and it was especially prevalent when she performs her dancing scenes. She looks so upset!

I said this to the boyfriend and sister and they looked at me as though I’ve said something wrong. Something VERY wrong. The boyfriend turned to me and said:

“Yasmin, that’s how you look all the time!!!! You always look like you are pissed off about something!”

Whattt?? Really? Noooooo… (I do not, really!).

The boyfriend has dubbed it the ‘Natalie’. He tell me off sometimes and goes:

“Yasmin, you’re going all Black Swan on me right now.”

So if any of you ever see me looking a bit upset, don’t think much of it. It is just my natural facial expression. Apparently.

I’m working on it.


  1. Isn’t the Academy Awards on the 27th?

    • Hahaha! Omg yes! I was meant to type ‘was nominated for’! Hahaha. Thanks very much for that! Will definitely rectify that later.

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