A Short Note Before It All Ends

In Up close and personal on December 29, 2011 at 1:48 am

Merry belated Christmas everyone! I’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks – getting married is no easy task! But it’s been a surreal and amazing experience and I have great friends, family and coordinators to thank for that. The boyfriend is now officially ‘the husband’. I know some of you are waiting for pictures but sorry to disappoint, none at the moment. I will put up a few once they’re available but not many – just enough for all of you to see the incredible work my designer, Syomir, had put into my wedding gowns. My absolute favorite is the Songket gown Syomir and I came up with. We both wanted the dress (all of them, in fact) to reflect our personality and I think the Songket dress did just that. I secretly pull a Monica and put on the dress every now and then when I’m at home doing the dishes. Nawwhh, I’m kidding…

Or am I?

  1. Congratulations on the wedding! 🙂 It must have been a reallllly beautiful one.

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