In Up close and personal on September 20, 2012 at 12:17 am

Now that I’m expecting very soon I find myself being more and more restricted in every form possible – clothes, food intake (no, I do not believe in the saying ‘eat for two’, it is a myth REALLY!) activities (I got scolded by the husband for making the bed the other day and for bending down to pick up some flour sitting at the bottom of the grocers’ shelf) and even bodily movements (it’s been ages since I’ve last had a proper morning stretch).

So I find myself at home for most of the time on my laptop and in my pjs, not cleaning the house and definitely not doing the laundry, daydreaming about a whole bunch of stuff. What do other pregnant women do when they are close to popping and unemployed?! Any ideas? Help a girl out.


  1. Well, I usually keep myself busy by decorating the cot, cradle n arranging the baby clothing. N shopping for baby thingy n then rearrange the whole baby thingy again n again n again. After the seven baby..sleep becomes a luxury so when i was pregnant with my no. 8, every free time was time for sleeping n sleeping n more sleeping. Ohhhh….n I smocked my babies gowns or rompers depending on the baby’s gender

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