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We finally got hold of the little man’s aqiqah’s photos and I have to say, they look great! I only wished that we could have done it a lot later i.e. when he’s a little older because his expressions now are priceless! Oh well, there will be other opportunities.

I got this amazing Radzuan Radziwill kaftan from the inlaw’s shop (Fashion Valet) – it’s kinda cool knowing that you can always find something new to wear at the very last minute. The head scarf I got online from TudungPeople. I love that they’ve added a bit of lace to an otherwise simple chiffon scarf… admittedly you can’t really see the whole piece here and it doesn’t help that it’s all white. I promise you it is perfection though!


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I am now on Instagram under the username Yasminjsoh! One down, 4 more resolutions to go! Of course Instagram will not be the only technology I embrace, there will be others but I doubt I’ll ever join the revolutionary Twittersville.

Love: Burnt Orange

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It’s super raining over here and it’s causing the little man a bit of stress. He’s trying to sleep but keeps getting frightened by the thunder. Even I’m a bit freaked out!!! All this just means that I won’t be able to make it to the gym, again. I now see why mothers struggle to keep up with their own appearance – every bit of their time goes to the kids and husband! Sheesh.

Oh well, in the mean time, here’s a bit of burnt orange to brighten up this dark evening. Yes, this is an almost 1 year old picture and hence not how I look now – I went a bit crazy with the highlights after the pregnancy and will reveal that in due course – but I wanted to remind myself to dig up this awesome skirt I got from Asos in one of my boxes. We’re currently nomads, the three of us, as our home is still in an inhabitable state. Speaking of burnt orange, (I secretly like saying the word ‘burnt orange’ hence am consciously using it every chance I get) I am on the fence on this pencil skirt from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Should I?!

2013: Resolutions

In Up close and personal on January 3, 2013 at 8:01 pm

I love new beginnings! Big hopes and dreams, great aspirations and goals. Some of mine this year are:

  • To spend more time in the kitchen. I’ve always loved baking. I just need to find someone to clean up the mess after. Not to mention someone to eat them once they’re done.
  • To put things down onto paper. Pictures, notes, thoughts. Especially now that I have a little family of my own.
  • To start work. Enough of this tai tai life. Any longer I can feel my brain melting into putty.
  • To invest in more classic pieces that will surpass my lifetime. Rather than succumb to style fads that may or may not work in a few years time.
  • To be more technology savvy. I’m hopeless – apart from this blog, I have very little stance in the tech world. I barely exist. Time to do something about that. The husband would be so proud.

So here’s to the new year!



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