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Dare Devil Me

In Fashion, Want List on February 14, 2013 at 1:07 am


How amazing are these Jenni Kayne D’orsay flats? Been sort of obsessed with flats lately. Prior to these were the white canvas Chanel espadrilles. Love, love, love! Expensive, too! The husband is convinced that it is a rip off seeing how it’s literally made out of straws and (doh!) canvas. But as my wise Frenchman friend said, with espadrilles you either go dirt cheap or you show them the money – there is no such thing as an in between. So I’m slowly diverting my attention to these sexy, yet mannish, flats. They come in a truckload of colours and materials but I’m boring and practical so yes, I’d have one in black, please. Oh alright, I’ll go a bit wild. Gimme the one with the embossed croc/suede/lizard patchwork.

Maybe I should try sky diving next?

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