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This Is Me

In Up close and personal on January 31, 2012 at 4:04 pm

I have to admit, when the husband first mentioned that we were to be dressed in matching songket I got a bit scared. Never mind the fact that it can be extremely errm.. colourful to say the least, but I also knew the limitations of a songket fabric. It’s stiff and often itchy and uncomfortable. Not my idea of a wedding gown. So I turned to Syomir.

Syomir and I were on the same page in that we definitely wanted to keep it simple but we didn’t want to opt for a traditional kebaya style. So current, basically. And I’m happy that it all came about organically. From choosing the tone and pattern of the songket, the contour of the dress, right down to the detailed sequins and beadings strategically placed on one side of the shoulder. Hopefully we will see more of this modern take of the songket. I think it’s quite refreshing and unique… what do you think? 

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